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Brand precipitation, joining the preferred

Now children's products industry has a large number of competitors, the market is a highly competitive, low growth state; the trend of product homogenization serious, but sales means a single, and uneven quality; so consumers in the choice of goods is often difficult to determine who is superior. At this time, to join a reputable brand background and can get consumer recognition of the enterprise, is particularly critical, the Kasiron brand was founded in 1992, is Chinese's first batch of children's shoes and apparel brand, has 20 years of brand development, brand operation of the various links in the early light car around, brand channel construction and brand long-term culture that is your best choice to join.

Service advantage

We have 1 of the market after a long-term practice experience;
2 we have standardized management mode and scientific operation scheme, this experience will help the franchisee in the shortest period of time, the funds and personnel to maximize the benefits;
3 the company headquarters will develop a rigorous and scientific market is divided into levels;
The 4 companies will have the corresponding attachment experience by professional training sales staff to assist the franchisee to expand the market; responsible for all levels of distributors training (including business skills training, store management training, guide and Invoicing Management), planning effective market development plan;
5 kaxilong is a high grade, high added value of the brand, we will take the product differentiation to the leading competitors;
Through these measures, there is no industry experience, but also directly into the market operation, and ensure stable operation.