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1, franchisee requirements

(1) the franchisee must have a certain degree of awareness of the Kasiron brand, have a certain economic foundation and rich experience in the management of the retail brand or brand operation ability.
(2) the franchisee must sell the brand products in the area stipulated in the contract, and shall not cross regional sales.
(3) franchisees must purchase from regional agents, actively cooperate with the company's marketing, brand promotion and promotional activities.

In 2, the application conditions:

Join the applicant to provide self introduction materials: resume, education degree, brand history and performance, to join the franchise chain system, a clear understanding of joining monopoly capital source.

3, franchise agreement requirements:

1, the franchisee agrees and recognized brand value and the trademark ownership, accept business philosophy and mode of operation, franchise franchise system, will according to the stipulations of the contract in a particular area of business products and pay the relevant expenses.
2, franchisee new open store (Office) unified design by the head office.
3, store decoration, the head office is responsible for providing design, decoration drawings, franchisees must be in accordance with the requirements of the unified decoration company, the company will provide a variety of dealers to help sell goods.

4, after joining the managem