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Kaxilong "children's shoes" we grow together, "as the brand concept, brand was founded in 1992 in Jinjiang Chinese shoes, the date of creation, the brand will pay attention to the healthy growth of children as their responsibility, attaches great importance to the development of children health science and technology, and has" China leather and footwear industry research institute, Quanzhou Huaguang college, Xiamen University School of physics, "the establishment of a strategic partnership, the formation of children's health laboratory, and has obtained the patent number 40, 2012 open kaxilong" hope children "activities, attention left-behind children and poor children's healthy growth, has entered Henan, Gansu, Guizhou, Fujian and other regions, for poor children to send warmth and hope.

Kasiron to the market as the center, brand oriented marketing strategy, a full range of brand strategy promotion, all provinces and autonomous regions in the country to establish their own sales channels, establish a strong national sales network, sales of more than 2000 outlets, to better create the Kasiron brand, Kasiron teamed up with the CCTV children's channel Hunan Golden Eagle cartoon TV, Jhajjar cartoon, Jiangsu excellent man, Beijing Kaku and Zhejiang TV, Shenzhen TV channel, naming famous columns, set off a new storm on brand advertising, brand communication. In 2011, Kasiron launched a new brand image, and join well-known animation company, launched the science fiction anime drama "Kasiron 3D made Xunlong Ji", a new peak of brand communication.

The historical heritage, the brilliant future of the enterprise, through unremitting efforts, Kasiron has won the "A Well-Known Trademark in China", "China ten shoes", "China the most popular children's shoes brand", "Chinese market brand shoes 15", "ten Asian brand shoes", "China market selling children's clothing brand", "Asia's top five hundred brands" and many other honors.